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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 first impressions. Best ever display from Samsung!

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  Samsung, the company who was rumoured to launch a high resolution display tablet in competition to Apple’s iPad air has  finally revealed at the event on 13th of June 2014. Samsung was highly expected to bring in the most gorgeous display they have ever built and showcased with the thinnest tab ever manufactured by the company. The

Micromax Funbook vs Aakash 2/UbiSlate 7Ci

Recently with the release of Aakash 2, the latest device from Ubislate has given some serious competition to Micromax’s Funbook Tablet. Aakash 2 is a initiative from the Govt. of India to bring about a IT revolution in India. While the Micromax Funbook gets beaten in the price area, the Aakash 2 gets beaten in

Best Voice Calling Tablets 2012

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These days, smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular among gadget lovers and for people, a tablet is serving all the purposes which a computer does (mostly). So, people are getting more excited over new tablets and ever since the rise of tablets, iPad has been ruling the industry. But we also have awesome tablets

Review of Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

The Boogie Board tablet is the first of the multiple e-paper products to be sold by Improv electronics. The Boogie board tablet is the revolutionary paperless device that provides a highly cost- effective vehicle to reduce everyday paper consumption in the home, office and classroom. While most reduction strategies have focused on computer related activities,

Top reasons not to buy a tablet

You might feel it weird as my last post was about “Should I buy a tablet?” and here I am writing consecutive next post about “Top reasons not to buy a tablet”. But let me explain this to you, I thought of writing a long article including both reasons to buy and not buy tablets.