Nexus 7 (2012) running slow with Android 5.0? Fix it HERE!

Nexus 7 2012 problems

Android 5.0 Lollipop may be fun for some, but for us, it was a nightmare! My Nexus 7 (2012) was running slow with Android 5.0. I fixed the issue on my own and going to share the method I followed. Google took longer than expected to bring 5.0 update to its older Nexus devices, which […]

Top 4 Android Launchers to Consider


Launchers have specially become many common these days. Launchers help you to change the interface and look of the device at just one go, without any further tweaks. This post portraits the Top 4 Launchers for your Android Smartphone. Buzz Launcher: Noe Buzz Launcher brings in a totally new concept. It is specifically for users […]

How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop

Phone and PC

If your Android phone is always connected to internet and you want to get notified for each notification on your desktop, here you go. Suppose, you have forgotten your phone at home and gone to office. It will be a big problem for anybody. You can do one of these two things. 1. You can […]

Best Sidebar Apps for Android and Why do You Need One of Them

Best Sidebar Apps for Android

Android is definitely a great platform for mobile and tablet. Although iOS is a competitor of Android but there are millions of people who often suggest using Android over iOS. There are lots of free apps and games available for Android on Google Play Store and other third party resources. Why do you need a […]

5 Tips to make your smartphone run faster

Its really annoying for users when they spend money to buy high-end smartphone and doesn’t find the smooth and swift performance they expected before buying. Sometimes even the pro users face problems in getting the best out of their device. If you are either a master user or a newbie to smartphones, here I have brought […]

Top 7 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android

whatsapp tip and tricks android

WhatsApp has changed the way we used to text, it literally killed SMSing and I don’t have to think before saying that WhatsApp is the best chatting app for Android, iOS and every other mobile platform. Recently Facebook acquired WhatsApp and since then there were many changes brought to the app which enhanced the user experience without […]

How to Disable Android On Screen Buttons While Gaming?

Android buttons, why you no shut up?

Most of the Android phones have feather touch buttons which are really annoying sometimes, especially when you are playing games. Most games we play are in landscape mode and the chances of getting home button mistakenly touched are high. I’m a gamer and I love playing games on my Android phone but most of the […]