Google’s New found love Android Silver May Come In 2015

Knock ! Knock! Google’s  Android Silver in the Buzz Search giant Google’s inclination towards Android is roaring very high with the recent buzz on Android Silver Program. Silver Program is an Android uniquely certified by Google and which is going to be ascended amongst several OEMs (Including Motorola, HTC, LG and Samsung) in order to provide a pure Android experience. […]

CyanogenMod : 10 Secret Tricks for Android Custom ROM


The CyanogenMod has now been the most popular custom ROM for Android. The short lovingly “CM” baptized Android version is available for many devices, it extends the functional part considerably over the standard Android. Some of the cool features that make the CyanogenMod, but still some of them are hidden. For this reason, we shared top 10 first […]

CyanogenMod: 14 Tricks of the Popular Custom Firmware


The CyanogenMod is probably the most popular Android custom firmware in the world. On a growing number of devices, it brings a current version of Android, which is almost identical to stock Android. CM team has built several more tweaks and features that extend the functionality of a regular Android Phone. Because some of them […]

22 Tips to Increase Your Android’s Battery Life

Android Battery Saving Tips

How long does your phone bear not to call “BATTERY LOW”. Have you ever noticed where does the Battery juice goes? Who does sucks up these juices? These are some questions that may not come to everyone’s mind everyday but they bear a lot of importance in your life. If your battery runs out too […]

How to Overclock an Android Phone + Flashing Kernel

how to overclock android flash kernel

If you didn’t read the previous post in which I mentioned reasons why and why not to overclock Android phone, read it now! It has everything you need to know before overclocking your device. If you already gone through it, and decided to do the job, go on. First thing you need to do before […]

6 Reasons Why and Why Not to Overclock your Android Phone

why and why not overclock android phone

If you’re a gamer or a computer geek, you probably know that it’s possible to increase the capacity of a processor. For instance, if you have a desktop PC with 1.5 GHz of processing capacity, you can overclock the CPU to say, 2.0 or 2.5 GHz. It’s really helpful to increase the speed and get […]

7 Best Launchers for Android Phone – 2012

best android launchers 2012

Don’t you get bored using the same phone every day? The same icons, effects and monotonous features. Ah! Why don’t you buy a new phone? You’ll get new interface, features and icons! Okay, I was kidding. Everybody knows, it’s better to install a new launcher after a specific time (instead of buying a new phone) […]