AOKP ROM Update for ASUS Nexus 7 – New Rom New Controls

Here again, Nexus 7 has come up with the novelty AOKP ROM. The AOKP ROM is for the Jelly Bean and now available. The new AOKP ROM has new features and controls to attract your fingers to slide the screen and customize the ROM. Adding to customization features, it comes with the theme manager. Now […]

Disable Android Media Scanner During Startup and Imporve your BOOT TIME

Speed Up Android Boot Time

Each time you Startup your Android device, it will run a media Scan during the boot screen which scans every file on your internal as well as external memory slots. It increases the startup time for Android devices with considerably less RAM, it also consumes a looooooot of power. More power then it actually gets […]

Top 5 Siri Alternatives for Android

Siri, The signature app of the iPhone 4S, believed to be  the only app responsible for majority of the phone sales. What the Apple people call Siri, an innovation or the critics consider it’s popularity is only due to pure intuitive marketing and nothing more, It is still arguably the nonpareil Voice Assistant app available on […]

How to Remove Ads from Android Apps

How to remove ads from Android apps

Not everyone can buy every thing they like, that’s a fact. Some of them end up using a cracked version, illegal version to be precise. Others, who respect the law and developer’s efforts, prefer to use the free alternative instead. Of course, you can’t expect that everything a paid app has can be found in […]

5+1 Things to Remember Before Rooting Android Devices

Rooting your Android Device will let you get around the limitations of your device set by your manufacturer. Rooting is a technique that if done correctly can let you access you a lot of options for your device that would have been else not available to you. But if you are not careful then you may […]

Rooting vs Custom ROM – Know the Best Option for Phone and Tablet

rooting vs custom ROM

I have already discussed a lot about Rooting Android Phones, how it’s done and what rooting is. If you are considering to root your device it’s quite important that you understand the difference between installing custom ROM and just rooting your Android device. So in this post we will basically discuss Rooting vs Custom ROM […]

How to Disable Low Battery Warning in Android Phones

Android Phones generally don’t offer much battery life since the touchscreen, apps & processor consume a lot of battery. Due to this whenever the battery life drops below a certain level, a notification keeps appearing along with a beep as an indicator of low battery and certain features in the phone including the camera stop […]