How to Speed-up your Android Phone

There’s no doubt that Android is the most powerful, flexible and intuitive operating system for smartphone users and perhaps that’s the reason it has reached a whopping 40% market share worldwide. Everyday newer and more advanced Android applications are being developed & released in order to cater to this growing market and since these applications […]

Espier Launcher: Make Android look like iOS!

Espier Launcher

To all the Android enthusiasts out there.. Don’t you agree iOS has a better GUI and UX then Android? Aren’t you jealous of  your friends who own iDevices? Don’t you ever think, probably the Android openness could be combined with iOS’s great features? You agree or not, I still would like to introduce to you […]

How to Delete Browsing History on Android Phone

So you are fond of browsing the web but don’t want anyone to go through the list of websites you’ve opened. Since browsing history contains a record of all websites you’ve visited over a period of time, you might want to clear that first. But how do you that? In this article I am going […]

How to Disable Android Camera Shutter Sounds

A lot of Android users have recently been complaining about the camera of their mobiles making clicking sounds whenever they take a photo. Also when they hold the camera button, it makes around 3 clicking sounds when starting up (apart from the clicking sound while focusing the subject). Here are a few tips that might […]

Change Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Android Users! Bored with the same old font on your smartphones? Time to change. Who doesn’t like fancy things? Seriously, I can’t live with Times New Roman or Arial for ever. Every one needs a change after a while, right? So, break the monotonous style of your device and change fonts on Samsung […]