How to Create Instagram Account Using Windows PC?

create instagram account using windows pc

Instagram is the best social network that allows you to share photos and short video clips with your followers and since it is especially designed to do that it beats the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is becoming more and more popular as almost all the celebrities from various fields are on it and

Best Games For Android Devices

Best Games For Android Devices

Playing games is one of the best part of having an Android smartphone. If you have one of those then you should make it’s best use by playing some awesome games available in the Play Store. Today, we are going to discuss few of those games for android devices that have best graphics and fun factor. Modern Combat

How to Access GOM Player for Windows from Android and iOS


Are you are a GOM Player user? If YES and want to access GOM Player for Windows remotely from Android and iOS, here is a solution. Sometime we play a song and go to another room. Hence, your music player plays the song oftentimes. If it is your favorite song, everything is fine. However, if,

How to Speed Up Chrome Browser for Android?

speed up chrome browser for android

If you are using an Android device or an Android tablet, then you might be using Google Chrome wbrowser or you might have used it at least once to surf the Internet. If you are still using it as your default browser then you will notice that it doesn’t work as fast as it should

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android?

transfer contacts from iphone to android

Have you been using iPhone from a long time and now you have switched over to an Android smartphone? If your answer is yes, then the number one thing that worries you would be your contacts on your iPhone. This is the most important thing, if your iPhone contains all your contact numbers then you

How To Increase RAM Of Android Device

How To Increase RAM Of Android Device

If you have an Android device with old hardware and you want to run the modern apps that demand for more RAM then you are at the right place. In this article we will tell you how to increase RAM of your Android device without even rooting it. So let’s get started. Limit Widgets &