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The Un-Sexy Truth about New Apple Macbook Air

macbook air

Picture Credit: Neu Black The new Apple Macbook Air introduced by Apple is much slimmer than its predecessor, the earlier one has a price tag of about $1699 and sported a dual-core 2.4 GHz processor but this one is slimmer and somewhat sharper. Apple has always been known not for the hardware but software and

15+ Reasons Why iPod Touch Sucks and I Detest Apple

Apple is generally known for their innovation and for designing user-friendly products ( at least they claim). They innovate complex features and forget some simple, common and must have features. I bought a iPod touch 3 months back. I was too lazy to share its review, but now I’m sick of their over hyped products and theirs fucking updates for which they are charge. They charge for the features which are too obvious to anyone, and give it a colour of innovation.