MAC OS Yosemite overview and features. The next gen OS?

OS 10 by the geek daily

Apple will be back this fall with the all new MAC OS Yosemite which will be more powerful, easy to use and will seamlessly provide connectivity between your all Apple devices. We can say that with Yosemite, the MAC will be completely redefined. The interface of Yosemite will be more beautiful with added transparency and […]

What should we expect from the iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone 5S red color

Let me start the post by giving you an interesting fact. Do you know what the iPhone 4s meant? No? The iPhone 4S actually meant iPhone for Steve! It was a tribute to the legendary Steve Jobs by Apple. So lets come back to the present. Its rumored that the iPhone 5S will be released […]

Price Drop Comparison of HTC and Apple smartphones in India

Low Priced Smartphone

If you are a tech geek or a normal person who keeps an eye on the launch of various phones, then you must have noticed that some of the biggest brands in smartphone industry have got a drastic drop in the prices of their smartphone over a short period of time in India. Sometimes it […]

How to take screenshot in Android Phone & iPhone ?

For capturing computer screenshots which are occasional, pressing Command-Shift-3 or PrintScreen [Windows] is quite normal for every user. But it is a bit difficult for an Android phone and for iPhone. The proper Android configuration will help a person for getting direct screenshots and in whichever situation. To take screenshot in android phone, some may […]

Best Laptops For The Upcoming Year 2013

Let us see the Best Laptops for the Upcoming Year 2013. This year, few of the best laptops available have become affordable, luring people into upgrading their system. Before the buy, you need to get sure which one of them is most suitable for your needs. So, it is utterly important you look into the […]