PhotoMath: Solve Math Homework Through Phone Camera

PhotoMath: Solve Math Homework Through Phone Camera

A text recognition technology company, MicroBlink has been developing a powerful engine for mobile phone cameras for the past two years and now, they have made the world’s first camera calculator. PhotoMath is an app that allows you to scan a mathematical equation and solve it immediately along with step-by-step instructions on how to solve

Best Free Android apps to Check Weather Forecast

Weather Report

Today’s weather changes each minute due to many reasons like increased pollution, global warming etc. Various weather departments used to provide detailed weather report with a 100% certainty. However, today’s weather departments only predict the weather forecast. If you have an important meeting at office, you should check the weather before leaving your home. Mainly, in

Top 5 Browser Based Writing Apps

Top 5 Browser Based Writing Apps

Well! Microsoft Office package is available for your favorite operating system i.e. Windows. Nevertheless, do you know that there are so many browser based writing apps those are available at free of cost and they can eliminate those paid apps right away? Although, the following browser based writing apps do not provide all those facilities that regular paid

Top Ten eBook Readers Till Today

 This list is exhaustible yet timeless. the e book readers featured here are also timeless. they depict the fascination of books becoming digital and from there onto these gadgets are reveling to be better and better since the birth of kindle concept. it is unlikely for anyone to not awe you. each is distinct and each is a favorite child of their times. keep reading.

[How To] Transfer files from Computer to Android over Wifi

Wifi transfer interface of uploading files to android

To transfer any file whether it’s of  videos, songs or photos to our Android smart phone from computer. We need to connect it to our computer system via Bluetooth or via USB cable. Out of which transferring of data over Bluetooth is very slow about 40-80 KBps and USB cable speed varies from which version

Be ready for Angry Birds Star Wars

Don't Angry be Me:: Angry bird holding electric swords

From the franchise of ROVIO Entertainment, Angry Birds moving to its next level are joining the forces with Star Wars. Angry Birds and Star Wars are the two things which are bound to gain success. And on November 8, 2012 Angry Birds will be going to be launched worldwide. The Game like its previous editions include all the background

Top 10 Music Player Alternatives For iPhone

In this Article we will discuss “Top 10 Music Player Alternatives For iPhone” which will really make your iPhone experience much better and memorable. The reason why somebody looks for Alternatives for iPhone’s music player is lack of special functions in it like social networking integration,showing stats about music you play , in app lyrics