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Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

Are you an iPhone person or do you prefer Android? Regardless of where you fall on the mobile spectrum, one thing’s for sure. You probably enjoy saving money. Well, there’s good news for you mobile users, no matter which phone you carry on your person. With the slew of coupon apps out there, you can

Android MX Player to Play Every Video Format

Pinch Zooming Supports

There are many video players available in Android market but there’s nothing else like MX player. MX player is the first Android Video player that can perform multi-core decoding highly optimised for CPU usage. What are the features that made MX player different from the race Pinch Zooming – Easy Zoom in and Zoom out

5 Best Mobile Blogging App – FREE

Mobile Blogging Apps

We all love blogging and we also love to be mobile, How nice it would be if could combine these two effectively to get the best output, we are also aware of the power of a blog. To solve this dilemma are the various apps listed below installing which on your hand-held will give you the ultimate power of blogs always at your disposal.

TeaShark Mobile Web Browser

Teashark browser

TeaShark is a java browser 145K in size. It runs on almost all Java enabled phones. Good mobile browser but still in beta. I have installed it on my N95. Very good browsing speed. You can also rotate screen to landscape. You can download it from Teashark is a mobile web browser for Java