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Best Android Apps

Top 10 Android Apps for Web Designers

Analytix for Android

People, who are regularly traveling, need modern mobile apps to help them do their working in the middle of your journey with just a thumb touch. With the Android gaining so much, the apps range keeps on increasing in number day by day. The new innovation in the field of apps has allowed web designers

Most Addictive Android Games Of 2012

Who doesn’t gets addicted to the LSD like game world of android?  for the answer, EVERYONE. so, here is a list which gives you your addictive mario a run for his princess. these are the games which gamers played most and for the better part of their android hours was spent in downloading these games or saving their asses

5 Best free Web Browsers for Android

top fast 5 android browsers

There is one special thing  on android smartphones, the ease to use internet.In this article you will find top fast 5 free android web browsers.When you are talking about “internet using” then the main thing involved in this task is web browser, although every smartphone has an official android web browser, to some extent this