How To Write Content For Your Blog Readers

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, how much experience you have and how big is your reputation; unless your blog has readable content. Content is definitely the king for a blog. Though you’ve done SEO for your blog, this is not going to show its effect until your blog starts posting quality content. Quality […]

What Users Want from Mobile Websites [Infographics]

Earlier I wrote a whole article explaining how you can optimize your mobile website and earn some more attraction. While I was going through the surveys done on Mobile Users, I found a pretty interesting survey and it’s infographic that was totally related to my last article. I thought it might be a great idea […]

Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Website

Phones are smart enough to open Desktop websites, but network is still not smart to support higher speeds. With 3G, speeds have been increased but it is still out of reach of many due to its high cost. It means that we need to find alternatives to enable our readers and customer to interact with […]

The Secrets of New Google Analytics Every Blogger Must Know

Google analytics visitor flow

Google Analytics is already a very well-known and quite popular website tracking platform by the search engine giant Google itself. Google which has been innovating each of its products for the past some time, this time rolled out its new Google Analytics packed with more features and far more user-friendly UI than earlier.Here’s a list […]

What Should your New Blog be About?

Idea !

Bloggers blog for a variety of reasons, whether it is personal blogging or doing it professionally to make money. Whatever your reason, if you plan to start a new blog, chances are that you are overwhelmed by the choice and variety in front of you regarding what your new blog should be about. Here, I […]

How to Effectively Build Backlinks to Your Blog

Competition among bloggers is at an all-time high, and with the number of blogs rapidly increasing in almost every niche, the demand for SEO has reached the zenith as well. Newbie bloggers, who don’t have much knowledge and know-how about Search Engine Optimization usually end up working long hours only to get disappointed in the […]

5 Steps To Triple Your Blog’s Traffic Using Discount Coupons

You can increase your social media influence, by simply expanding your marketing arms. By this, I mean engaging in targeted web promotion that yield better results. On the internet, several tools have been put in place to help you actualize your goals. One of such resources that every blogger and internet entrepreneur should be using […]