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Graphics Card: How To Buy The Best Graphics Card?

Since I’m a gamer, I do spend a lot of time while buying hardware for my personal computer. I wouldn’t say that I have the best gaming PC, but I will say that I’ve have the best gaming and multimedia PC for the amount that I’ve spent so far. I’ve seen many people buying or spending a

Notebook Vs Tablet

Whether i should go for Notebook or Tablet? However buying one is a complex process.I think this article could probably help you in deciding the answer.It really depends on the usage. Ease of Use The proliferation of Tablets has contributed to a drastic decline in the sale of Laptops and PC’s. The major reason behind the spiking

Which Tablet To Buy

Tablets in the market today

The invention of Tablets was bound to happen!!! We had laptops and we had smartphones, but a tablet stands in between these two to optimize the usage and giving us a better interface, just enough to enjoy your browsing without having to squint your eyes to read nor having to carry around laptops everywhere. But

Should you Buy HTC One X or Not?

should you htc one x or not

HTC  is well-known for its brilliant design & its user interface and now HTC from its one series phones unleased it’s HTC ONE X flagship smartphone costs around  RS.38,000. HTC ONE X comes up with the latest android OS 4.0 Ice cream sandwich in it with 1.5 GHz Tegra 3 quad-core processor. It’s screen size