Get Your Copy of Windows 8 For $13

Get Windows 8 for 699 Rupees (13$)

Windows 8, launched on October 26th, 2102 is available to buy or download (trial version of 90 days). Most of us are excited about this latest version of windows and are ready to buy it. Windows 8 comes with a price tag of $39.99 (Rs. 1999). But what if you can get it for just $13 (Rs 699). Yes, that’s

How to Rebuild Icon Cache to fix Faulty or Damaged Icons

Have you ever noticed a faulty or damaged icon appearing on one of your file? I think most of us have/had that problem. Sometimes, Windows starts displaying wrong icons on the desktop or if you install a new version of a software with a fresh new icon but you still see that old icon or a blank/damaged

How to Manually Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

What if your PC doesn’t boot up? A normal user will try to recover it by system restore which will restore the PC it to a previously saved point on the computer when everything worked fine. But what if you don’t have a saved restore point on your computer? Generally, a computer automatically creates a restore point

How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders

There are files or folders in your computer that won’t delete. These undeletable files or folders may be a virus. The infected file may stop us from getting it delete. These files or folders ask administrator privileges when we try to delete them and even after giving them administrator privilege, they won’t get delete. I

How to Download Facebook Album of a friend

Do you want to download all the photos of your friend’s Facebook album? If yes, then this post will cover a step by step tutorial on how to download a Facebook album. ‘Facebook2zip’ which is a free service, allows you to download all of your photos or a single Facebook album as a zip file!

How to Remove Ads from Android Apps

How to remove ads from Android apps

Not everyone can buy every thing they like, that’s a fact. Some of them end up using a cracked version, illegal version to be precise. Others, who respect the law and developer’s efforts, prefer to use the free alternative instead. Of course, you can’t expect that everything a paid app has can be found in

How to Get FREE Full Version iPhone, iPad Apps

get paid iPhone iPad apps for free

Apple devices are known for their Design Style and Apps. Now you can get FREE Full version iPhone,iPad Apps. The Instructions mentioned below are for In-App purchases and may or may not work with App store. What is In-App Purchases ? With iOS 3.0 or later, you can purchase subscriptions and extra content from within