How To Change Your Facebook Profile Color

change your profile color

Facebook has been one of the most popular social communities in the world. I was thinking, what can I do to “spice up” my Facebook profile.  Well I was Googling and found a script to do something cool. Lets find out how to setup everything. Firstly you have to download Greasemonkey: GreaseMonkey is a […]

Lock Folders Without Any Software

lock folders without software

Did you know that a little txt file (saved to a .bat file) can lock any folder on your PC? Like if you wanted to hide some valuable data from somebody, you can easily do it! this text file doesn’t do the normal “hide file” but actually hides the file away even when you have […]

Some tricky Tricks of google

tricks of google

1. Goto,and write in the search bar “hackers for google” and open the first page.It’s the page which let’s you search the red rated websites and the website which are deeply hidden like hacking tools and hacking stuff website…… 2. Write in the search bar 1> “intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” 2> inurl:indexFrame.shtml”Axis Video […]

(How To) Fake CPU Speed

fake cpu speed

One more addition to our list of cool tricks. This one is super-cool. What if you have a Pentium-3 or 512MB of RAM? You can upgrade to any processor easily – FOR FREE!! I mean, you can upgrade to any processor… but not the “hardware”. Let me explain. There is this trick, using which you […]

Flood your friends computer with messages using net send

flood someones computer messages cmd net send

Another prank-tip for you people. Sometimes you feel bored, and your friend seems to be working on another computer without talking to you. What can you do to distract him/her from computer and start come conversation? Well, there are a hundred ways to do that, but I’m going to show you a unique way. Beware, […]

Track IP-Address Just by Sending an E-mail

Track IP address

IP address: In this world everyone has some address having all details about your location in real life. In the same way, Every internet user have his address in the world of internet. It is named as Internet Protocol address. Shortly named as IP address When you send/receive emails they are transferred from IP address […]

How To Use Webcam As A Motion-Detecting And Recording Security Camera

webcam as a motion-detecting and recording camera

This tutorial will take you step-by-step and show how to use webcam as a motion detecting and recording security camera. The best part is, the software required to do this is open source (free). Why? What? How? Advanced includes: Multiple Webcams, Sending pictures to a remote location (FTP), How to duct-tape the light off your […]