Use Facebook Messenger without Facebook Account

Facebook Messeneger without mobile number

Facebook, the world’s top social network website, has just rolled out a brand new option to let everyone use Facebook Messenger without having any Facebook account. Although, not all people from across the globe would get the advantage of this new option of Facebook Messenger, yet, this is going to be a major update to […]

How to Remove Social Media Profiles from Instagram Account

Remove social media accounts from instagram

Instagram, the most popular image-sharing website is now having more than three hundred million users around the globe. Although, this is quite difficult to use Instagram from computer or without installing the Instagram application, yet, Instagram is much popular among PC addicted people. Instagram is accessible from mobile only. Read Also: How to Upload Pictures to […]

How to Recover Deleted Messages and Photos on Facebook?

recover deleted facebook messages photos

Everyone uses Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and also to make new friends. Mostly people use Facebook to chat with their friends and share photos of their trips with everyone. But if you want to see a very old message on Facebook and you are not able to find it then here’s […]

How to Delete Search History from Google, Facebook and Twitter?

delete search history

In today’s date, we spend a lot of our time online surfing through various websites for different purposes. And we all would agree that Google, Facebook and Twitter might be the most used websites in the world. We use Google to find answers to all our queries and there are times that you want to […]

How to Schedule Posts and Images on Facebook Page?

schedule posts and images on facebook page

Facebook is a great platform to socialize with your fans, your followers and your clients and other than socializing with the same people again and again, you can reach out to more people who might be interested in your services. Facebook Pages allows you to create an audience and leverage them to grow your business. […]

How to Block Facebook Game Requests

How to Block Facebook Game Requests

The most annoying thing about Facebook are the game requests. Let us take an example of Candy Crush. Candy Crush has over 10 million users while Facebook has over 800 million active users. That clearly indicates that not all the Facebook users are interested in playing it. Games like Candy Crush force its users to […]

How To Search For Old Facebook Posts

Old Facebook posts search

Do you frequently find yourself looking for an old post on Facebook? If yes, you must know that it is not an easy task. Having to scroll through someone’s timeline to search a post thats a year or more old is not pleasing but do not worry. Facebook has come to our rescue with this […]