[How-To] Block Annoying People on Facebook


Facebook is a growing online Social network and it is very common that you find someone who seems interesting and add him but later get to know the other story. Have you even been mistreated on the social network, well sometimes your anonymous friends may not be what you have expected them to be. So […]

Block Facebook Widgets in Firefox and Chrome

Just a few days back, TheGeekDaily started using Facebook’s Fan Page feature and in the same context we see a new Facebook widget on right hand side of TheGeekDaily. It’s always good to publicize in multiple ways possible, but there may be more than 1 reason you do not want to see those widgets through […]

How to add Emotion Icons (Emoticons) on Facebook


Add Emotions to your Text Emoticons are nothing but the smiley faces that we use often while having a chat or conversation with people online, it is a great way to add something more to your words than just plain old boring text. Emoticons can express amusement, happiness, sadness, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears. Facebook […]

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail, Facebook and YouTube

best google chrome extensions for facebook

I really like Google Chrome browser. It’s fast, reliable and minimalistic. Today I’m gonna show you some of the best Chrome extensions for Gmail, Facebook and YouTube. Better Gmail (Unofficial) This extension is pretty much all I need for Gmail. It’s key features are: Show Unread Message Count in tab favicon Hide Footer Show Attachment Icons […]

(How To) Customize Facebook Profile with Themes and Colours

Yontoo Layers facebook layout

The good-old Facebook look-n-feel is nice for a month or two before it gets really boring. Facebook has to offer you everything that is trending in social networking, but wouldn’t it be good if we could put a theme to our Facebook account? Well, as such Facebook provides a lot of customization but when it […]

How to Turn Off Chat for Facebook Group

Facebook group chat

As all of you might be knowing that Facebook is changing a lot now a days. The new feature they have added is “Group”. I can bet you will be a member of at least one group. Facebook have added Group Chat option in groups so, you can have a group chat with all the members of the […]

Importance of Social Media in Blogging

Social Media

Today Social Media has become a dominant force in marketing world and with each passing day its roots are spreading wide.  It is has become one cost – efficient method to promote websites and blogs by getting you links and huge amounts of traffic. Social media is bound to get your site/blog profits over a […]