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5 Best Useful Free Softwares You Never Saw

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Windows OS’ users have got a lot of softwares to do any task; be it reading Books, listening music etc. Also, the most popular among them are the free ones. Most users have either iTunes, Winamp or Foobar for music, Firefox or Chrome for browsing. Undoubtedly, these free softwares are very useful and therefore very popular. However, there also exists a large pool of softwares that aren’t yet famous but nevertheless useful. In this post, I list 5 of such softwares and briefly discuss them.

Mass Downloader | The Best Download Accelerator

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MetaProducts Mass Downloader (MD) is a download manager allowing you to transfer individual files (or lists of files) from the Web and FTP sites at the maximum available speed. Multiple channels technology significantly reduces download time.Download resume is supported. Mass Downloader supports a wide range of downloads: from usual and secured (HTTPS) Web sites, FTP