Block Websites with Avast Free Antivirus

Mind goes in both wrong and right directions. But teen age is the deciding factor and this period is what makes a person good or bad. Internet is the treasure house of knowledge, no doubt about it and I couldn’t agree more. But just like everything Internet also has it’s cons. If you are a […]

Windows Tweaker – The Best Software to Tweak Windows

Windows Customization

Nobody is perfect. Or, everybody needs more. These are the main reasons why most of the developers work on something what will let users do even more than default system users. The same thing happens with Windows as well. Some people would like to use default Windows settings or visual design and rest of them […]

Best Free Android apps to Check Weather Forecast

Weather Report

Today’s weather changes each minute due to many reasons like increased pollution, global warming etc. Various weather departments used to provide detailed weather report with a 100% certainty. However, today’s weather departments only predict the weather forecast. If you have an important meeting at office, you should check the weather before leaving your home. Mainly, in […]

How to Upload Pictures to Instagram without Mobile

Instagram, the most popular image-sharing website, allows users to upload square images only from mobile application. No matter whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, this was impossible to upload pictures to Instagram. It was also impossible to upload photos from official Instagram website. Let’s assume, someone does not want to use mobile phone to […]

How to Convert Media Files using VLC Media Player

Well! Generally, VLC media player is used to play your favorite media files i.e. music, video etc. But, do you know that you can use the same media player to convert files from one format to another format? NO? That means, this tutorial is for you. You know that VLC media player is one of […]

How to Add Mac like Dock in Windows

Virtual Dock in Windows

Windows itself is a pretty good operating system as software availability, price etc. But sometime you may perhaps miss such a feature that will let you find your desired programs even faster. To access frequently used apps faster, Microsoft has included Taskbar in Windows OS. It does not allow users to stick any folder or […]

Ultimate List of Less Known Free Email Clients for Mac

Email client, Free Email Clients for Mac

If you are Mac user, you might have already tried or used default email client. Although, the in-build email client is really awesome but still, if you need even more features and flexibilities, hence, you can try some third party email clients for Mac. Top 5 email clients for Mac Sparrow This is one of […]

How to Recover Mistakenly Deleted Files

Let us talk about How to Recover Mistakenly Deleted Files. Many times, we delete some important files such as photographs from the camera, USB Drive, or the hard disk. If you have done this, and want to recover those files back, then do not worry, there are chances that you may recover those files successfully. […]