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Top 5 Email Clients for Windows

Top 5 email clients for Windows

Windows 7 is coming with built in mail feature, also you can download and install Windows live essential to get the email Client. But still people are looking for a more functional full featured email client that can handle many email and features at once. Mail users in Office or Home are mostly using Thunderbird or Outlook.

How to Record Desktop Screen Online

ScreenToaster designs a Web-based screen recorder to capture screen activities in real-time to create and share tutorials, demos etc. This online screen recorder allows users to capture video along with audio in real-time, as well as publish and share videos in blogs and Websites.

5 Best Useful Free Softwares You Never Saw

Sumatra PDF Reader Screenshot

Windows OS’ users have got a lot of softwares to do any task; be it reading Books, listening music etc. Also, the most popular among them are the free ones. Most users have either iTunes, Winamp or Foobar for music, Firefox or Chrome for browsing. Undoubtedly, these free softwares are very useful and therefore very popular. However, there also exists a large pool of softwares that aren’t yet famous but nevertheless useful. In this post, I list 5 of such softwares and briefly discuss them.