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Best Deals for Black Friday 2014

Waiting for Black Friday sales to get the best deals on tech that you have drooled for long. Well now that Black Friday is already approaching various stores have started to release their Ads, giving us a sneak peak at what they hold for Black Friday. We went through the Ads by various stores Best

Gadgets To Help You Exercise and Stay Fit and Healthy!

Nike FuelBand

Gadgets have made our lives easier. They have given us comfort and helps us accomplish difficult tasks. But gadgets have always been accused for making us lazy and promote unhealthy behavior. People have always told that these gadgets are the reason of problems like obesity as gadgets have made life easy and made us lazy!

Best Electronics Gadgets as Gifts

Electronic gadgets are an awesome stuff to play with. And the best is to own them. There are various electronic gadgets available in the market. But, here we present you with the best electronic gadgets in the market in the year 2012. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Erase your image with the touch of a

Eco-Friendly Gadgets – For a better Tomorrow!

We all know that Global Warming is slowly degrading the life on Earth and is a serious threat to mankind if not taken care of.  We have to do a lot about it. But then the question comes, what can we individuals do? We don’t have power to do anything in a larger scale, so

Ultimate List Of The Most Weird Gadgets Ever

Here is a list, which i will call the god-list  this god-list contains the most weirdest and the most eccentric, than practical gadgets from around the world. though it might be missing some more weirdness, but it covers all the weird know-how’s which are notorious  Gadgets began their boom in Victorian times, and grew along with the expansion of the Industrial Age. The 20th

Lava XOLO X900 Android Phone with Intel 1.6 GHz Processor

Lava Xolo x900 powered with android 2.3 gingerbread Intel 1.6 GHz processor

Lava an Indian mobile manufacturing company previously at MWC [ Mobile World Congress] show off their powerful XOLO X900 . In 19th April it was launched in India and with its launch it becomes the first smartphone to be powered with Intel CPU Processor.  The First smartphone to be packed with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Medfield

Le Chal – A Haptic Shoe for the Blind

The last decade has seen a number of creative inventions by visionaries that have revolutionized the way we do our daily routine activities. Anirudh Sharma, a B.Tech graduate from Rajasthan Technical University, seems to be treading the same path. He has developed a unique system called “Le Chal” (Hindi equivalent for “Take Me There”) that