How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

how to root galaxy s3

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to root Galaxy S3. This tutorial will help you to setup ClockworkMod recovery to the recovery partition and superuser file. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is safer than S2, because in S II the recovery partition was a part of the kernel. There was high-risk of phone brick.

Which Tablet To Buy

Tablets in the market today

The invention of Tablets was bound to happen!!! We had laptops and we had smartphones, but a tablet stands in between these two to optimize the usage and giving us a better interface, just enough to enjoy your browsing without having to squint your eyes to read nor having to carry around laptops everywhere. But

10 Best FREE Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3 blue

Just bought a SGS3 or looking forward to buy it? Need some apps for the most expensive Android phone yet? This is the right place where you can find a list of best FREE apps for Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S III has received a lot of criticism since its launch, mainly due to

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Worth Buying? – Or Is It Over priced?

Samsung Galaxy s3 white

Recently Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III in India. Since the first look the device has faced mixed views from all around the world, and after the launch event in New Delhi, where the price was also announced, the critics has gone viral. “Seriously, Rs.43,180 for this retarded phone?” – They say.

What Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy s3 pic

Since the initial Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors, till the official launch everyone was expecting something new and ‘revolutionary’ from the newly crowned smartphone giant. Even I was excited to see the launch event, and a new galaxy. But when they revealed the device and its features, mixed reactions started flowing everywhere. Some people were totally

Hi-Fi or Hi-Tech: Mobile Phone Comparisons

You are in a rural town or a suburb in India. You see a person pull out an iPhone,at first you think, ‘cool’, technology is spreading pretty far. Then if you know the person you ask them to see their phone to see what they have on there. Sadly, their iPhone retains the bare minimum: a camera

How to Install ICS on Galaxy S2

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code having being made available for download, you might want to upgrade to the latest version of Android. In this tutorial we will show you exactly how you can install ICS on your Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. Since the build is still in Alpha stage, some of the