Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4S and other Mobiles Benchmarked

What is a “Smart Phone”? Your answer might me.. it should be smart enough to help you carry out your daily computing tasks, it should get your emails on the move, it should give you the power to surf net PC like and much more while still being a phone. But have you ever thought […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus v/s iPhone 4S : Detailed Comparison

iPhone and Samsung galaxy nexus

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, this is the best possible comparison everyone is looking for. Both iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus have been announced this month & while iPhone comes with same design, Galaxy Nexus is a complete change. Lets have a look into specifications and find which one is better for you.Processor […]

Change Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Android Users! Bored with the same old font on your smartphones? Time to change. Who doesn’t like fancy things? Seriously, I can’t live with Times New Roman or Arial for ever. Every one needs a change after a while, right? So, break the monotonous style of your device and change fonts on Samsung […]

3 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy S2

Samsung galaxy s2

I own a Samsung galaxy 3, an entry-level android phone. I was looking for an upgrade, I picked galaxy S2 for being the best phone ( On paper ) in the market, and Apple iPhone 4 because its apple. I ruled out iPhone 4 for the following reasons Its specs are no where close to […]

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

Galaxy S II SIM Unlocker is an app from the Android Market to unlock Galaxy S II. The app allows you to use any SIM card you want in your phone.