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Most Addictive Android Games Of 2012

Who doesn’t gets addicted to the LSD like game world of android?  for the answer, EVERYONE. so, here is a list which gives you your addictive mario a run for his princess. these are the games which gamers played most and for the better part of their android hours was spent in downloading these games or saving their asses

Be ready for Angry Birds Star Wars

Don't Angry be Me:: Angry bird holding electric swords

From the franchise of ROVIO Entertainment, Angry Birds moving to its next level are joining the forces with Star Wars. Angry Birds and Star Wars are the two things which are bound to gain success. And on November 8, 2012 Angry Birds will be going to be launched worldwide. The Game like its previous editions include all the background

Why Should you Play Max Payne 3?

Max payne available worldwide

Recently Rockstar games released MAX PAYNE 3 Worldwide after a long wait of 9 years when Max Payne sequel[ Max Payne 2] was released on 2003.  Max is now aged and now teamed up with Raul Passos [Ex-cop & academy friend] who now works as security for a rich Brazillian man name Rodrigo Branco . The storyline starts off

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games

PC gaming

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games, and Why it’s Cool! It is a much debated issue in most of household where there are video game addicts, usually kids. Teenage is most profoundly known for mistakes, but is Video Gaming a mistake? It is definitely a time killer which could be utilized in education, but a

How Much GPU Memory do You Need?

Graphic Card

When it comes to Graphic cards, non-gamer PC & Laptop buyers’ first question usually is “Do I need a Graphic Card?”. The following post answers that question.