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Best Games For Android Devices

Best Games For Android Devices

Playing games is one of the best part of having an Android smartphone. If you have one of those then you should make it’s best use by playing some awesome games available in the Play Store. Today, we are going to discuss few of those games for android devices that have best graphics and fun factor. Modern Combat

Portable Gaming Beast: Alienware 17 Laptop Review

Alienware 17

Alienware sounds like an out of the world product and indeed it is an unremarkable gaming product. The Alienware 17 is the only gaming laptop of its own kind because of the attractive design, it being fast in its nature and the specification’s increment than the older models. It is the best gaming portable piece you can

Best Gaming Laptops

The games in the market are becoming real day by day, and hence they demand for a heavy hardware, to be successfully run. So, let us talk about the best gaming laptops available in the market. Alienware M17x Intel Core_i7_3610QM Processor 2.3GHz 4 GB DIMM RAM 750GB 7200rpm Hard Drive 17-Inch Screen Windows 7 Home

Top Upcoming games For The Dedicated Gamers

Gaming continues to evolve and improve, with the flips and beeps of early Atari consoles evolving into the thousand-page scripts of the modern era. gamers world needs frequent update. check your pocket money, check your savings and gear up your consoles, get ready for some serious shit. these games are going to get released soon in the market and its

Xbox 360 Kinect is still the leader in Gaming

Microsoft announced about Kinect Sensor in June-2010 during E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Kinect Sensor is a 3 dimensional camera, works with Xbox 360 console as Gaming input. This was an answer to Most successful gaming console Nintendo Wii at that time, which worked on the principles of wireless motion sensor. XBox 360 with Kinect removes

5 Best Gaming Laptops in 2012

alienware m18x

When it comes to gaming, we need the best of everything. The best hardware, graphics, cooling system, storage and even an appropriate keyboard and mouse. A keyboard with tough keys or a damaged mouse can ruin your game-play experience and eventually will ruin your scores. Although, everyone prefers desktop PC for gaming but sometimes having

Why Should you Play Max Payne 3?

Max payne available worldwide

Recently Rockstar games released MAX PAYNE 3 Worldwide after a long wait of 9 years when Max Payne sequel[ Max Payne 2] was released on 2003.  Max is now aged and now teamed up with Raul Passos [Ex-cop & academy friend] who now works as security for a rich Brazillian man name Rodrigo Branco . The storyline starts off