3 Awesome Email Tracking Softwares for Your Business

ToutApp Email Tracking Report

Although instant messaging has taken up the communication space in the recent years, emails are still used a lot in professional spaces. Millions of emails are being sent every few hours and there’s no sign of fall in the usage. Apart from just communicating, emails have also become one of the most efficient marketing tool nowadays. And to iterate […]

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail Account?

recover deleted emails in gmail account

We all use Gmail as our default email client – whether it is on your computer, laptop, tablets or smartphones. Gmail has become the most popular and an email equivalent. Gmail is used by both regular people and business professionals and so if you accidentally delete or forget about a certain email and it goes […]

Gmail for Mac – The Desktop App of the Best Email Client

Gmail is the most used email service used by each and every person as his email client. I would even say that every person has at least 2-3 accounts with Gmail all for different purposes. As Gmail is a product of Google, you don’t have to worry about any problems as the powerful servers of […]

Google Launches Inbox By Gmail, A New E-Mail App

With the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android 5.0 Lollipop introduced by Google less than a week ago, all the Google fanboys out there are really excited and have something to boast about. Google has just added to their happiness and excitement by bringing out a new emailing service named Inbox. This new app has […]

Some Best Offline Applications For Google Chromebook Users

Chrome OS is fabricated around the Chrome program, so it requires less assets, subsequently empowering it to begin quicker. Sadly, in spite of its trademark fast performance, Chrome OS still has a real shortcoming. The greater part of the application’s accessible obliges your machine to be online. The workaround for this shortcoming are “Offline applications”, […]

How to Block Email by Domain, Subject or Sender in Gmail

Spam Email

You know that Gmail is the most popular email service that is owned by Google. You can access Gmail using their official application or from browser. Previously, Gmail was linked with Google Plus but now Google have ditched the interlinking. Gmail is so much popular because of its simplicity. It is even more popular because it […]

Ultimate List of Less Known Free Email Clients for Mac

Email client, Free Email Clients for Mac

If you are Mac user, you might have already tried or used default email client. Although, the in-build email client is really awesome but still, if you need even more features and flexibilities, hence, you can try some third party email clients for Mac. Top 5 email clients for Mac Sparrow This is one of […]

Own Your Inbox With These 8 Tips

Time and again we get to discover a bunch of junk getting acumulted in our mailbox and it does irritate us to the core. I have compiled 8 helpful tips below for dealing with the inbox clutter and streamlize your mail counts. It’s time to clean up!! 8 Tips for Clean Out Your Inbox If […]