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Gmail introduces new Compose mail box

Google has been working on to improve its products and would always keep rolling small updates time to time. In the same line Gmail received a new Compose Mail Box feature for easing out the process of composing emails.Sending and receiving Emails has evolved a lot since the first mail was sent, but one thing that hasn’t seen much light of innovation

VoIP: Google has Started Free Voice Calls in Gmail


Google has now officially announced a VoIP feature for Gmail . In the U.S. and Canada can cause Gmail users now free national calls. Also calls to other countries such as Germany, France or Britain are possible and then cost only $ 0.02 per minute. Google becomes a serious competitor for Skype . Google is expanding its e-mail service more and more

How To Add Background Image To Your Gmail Account

Gmail as we know was launched back in 2004. It became popular very soon as it offered 1 GB storage space compared to 2-4 MB Hotmail mail storage space. With time every email service allowed larger storage spaces and so Google keep on adding new stuff and enhancement to its email service Gmail. Recently Gmail

How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts at the Same Time

So you have a number of Google accounts and would like to access all of them at the same time instead of using multiple browsers and having to sign-in and sign-out of different Gmail accounts. Fortunately with Google’s new Multiple Sign-in feature you can access all your Google accounts simultaneously. Here’s the complete tutorial on

How to use Gmail for making Calls on an iPhone

Google Voice is a service from Google that lets you chat with your friends and family using the “Voice” software as a plugin embedded directly in Gmail. So, if you want to use this voice feature, you just need to login in to your Gmail account and start using this service but that’s not how