Google introduces new Gmail People Widget

people widget

Gmail is one email service I follow the most! Not because it’s from Google but because it gives you the best and fastest way not only to communicate but  also the level of personalization it offers. If you have heard of Gmail Labs then you know what I am talking about.. Continuing the cycle, Google

Protect Google/Gmail Accounts from Hackers with 2-step Verification

For years the security of various online apps remained just like this but now Google has taken the initiative to bring a change to this by introducing the two factor authentication. Two factor authentication involves you to enter both your existing password and a special new second pass-code so it’s nearly impossible to phish. You generate this second password by a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry called ‘Google Authenticator’, or by Google call or a text message to a phone number you entered when you set up the feature. That password will expire in just a few minutes though, so be quick.

Make Free Phone Calls From Gmail

It was on April 1st 2004 when Google announced its entry into the web mail domain when it launched Gmail. Though it was an invitation only beta release at that point of time, it was later on rolled out to the general public on Feb 2007. Since then Gmail has grown by leaps and bounds

Some Less Popular But Useful Gmail Features


Gmail is known for its faster access & reliability. It is one of the best free email provider that offers unlimited or you can say ever-increasing mailbox space. Most of the users online uses Gmail as their primary Email client. Apart from the basic mail settings available on other free email services, Gmail also offers

Use GMail offline with Google Gears

Gmail has introduced its latest Labs feature called offline Gmail to enable e-mail access even when you are not connected to the Internet. While this might sound uber geeky, the concept is simple enough when you actually use it. Oh, and the “offline” mode is already available in a simpler form if you happen to