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Why Google+ is so Damn Clever

Google Plus Logo

Google+ slowly but surely created an ever stronger pull, which you cannot escape more quickly. Whether you want to bring a company forward in the web or whether one that specializes in Personal Branding: Google+ has come to stay. Google+ is definitely “Unfortunately cool”! Google+ is however not at all rite and even if we had

Social Bookmarking with Google Plus

Google + is the new upcoming social networking site like Facebook, twitter and Orkut. Google + is the networking site of Google itself and will soon become famous just like other social networking sites. Bookmarking with google plus Social bookmarking The term social bookmarking means letting other people know that you have found out some

Official Android App for Google+

Google+, a social networking site, still in it`s beta condition and one needs invitation to access, the new yet powerful creation by Google, can now be surfed on Android. As soon as the Google+ goes live, an Android App is launched in the Android Market so that the users can stay connected and try their