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An Editorial Take on Google Chrome OS

Heard about Google chrome os but been wondering what the os has it inside for me ? Google chrome os is another step towards cloud computing. Google chrome os is completely web-based and utilizes html 5. Download google chrome os and also its source code…

Use GMail offline with Google Gears

Gmail has introduced its latest Labs feature called offline Gmail to enable e-mail access even when you are not connected to the Internet. While this might sound uber geeky, the concept is simple enough when you actually use it. Oh, and the “offline” mode is already available in a simpler form if you happen to

Some tricky Tricks of google

tricks of google

1. Goto,and write in the search bar “hackers for google” and open the first page.It’s the page which let’s you search the red rated websites and the website which are deeply hidden like hacking tools and hacking stuff website…… 2. Write in the search bar 1> “intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” 2> inurl:indexFrame.shtml”Axis Video