How To Check For And Troubleshoot RAM Module Errors

RAM which stands for random access memory is the place where windows and all other operating systems store information while they are processing data from other sources. We would be taking this tutorial further by assuming you are a windows user and this tutorial will guide thorough the process in windows. Please refer to other […]

How To Fix A Stuck Or Dead Pixel On Your LCD Screen?

Have you ever perceived that a pixel – a little spot on your computer’s LCD screen – is staying a solitary colour for a long time? You have a stuck pixel. Fortunately, stuck pixels aren’t generally abiding. Stuck and dead pixels are hardware issues. They’re frequently brought on by assembling blemishes – pixels shouldn’t get […]

Is Your Computer Overheating? What to do about it?

  Heat is your machine’s foe. PCs are outlined in view of heat scattering and ventilation so they don’t overheat. In the event that an excessive amount of high temperature develops, your system may get temperamental or all of a sudden close down. The CPU and GPU deliver a great deal more high temperature when […]

4 Ways To Free Up Your Hard Disk Space

Hard drives are getting larger with every passing day, yet some way or another they generally appear to ultimately fill up with the data. This is even more probable in case you’re utilizing a SSD, which offers substantially less hard drive space than customary mechanical hard drives. In case you’re in need of hard drive space, […]

7 Reasons Why to Root Android Device

android rooting

Many people are afraid to root their Android device, the major fear is losing the warranty and a possibility of turning your beloved device into an expensive brick. I agree that the risks exist but if done properly then rooting can prove to be worth the risk. By rooting an Android device you get access […]

5 Reasons Why Not to Root Android Device

why not to root android

Recently I wrote an article explaining reasons why to root android device. In that article I listed some of the top reasons to root android but today I’m going to do something opposite. I agree that rooting have its benefits but it they come with strings attached. With advantages comes disadvantages and we should accept […]

5 Ways to Save Battery while Reading Books on Android

EBooks are the new trend among Bookoholics, with eBooks people can carry their favourite books anywhere and read them whenever they want. The best part is that they don’t want to carry any physical item or extra weight, everything is there in their phone or tablet. Now wherever they go, they have their library with them. Another best part […]