What is the difference between Slingshot and Snapchat! Facebook made it worth using

slingshot features

  Facebook Inc. recently launched their new application for smartphones called Slingshot. The app became viral in no time when Facebook added the app on Google Play Store and announced it on their official page. Facebook now owns the world’s most popular Social network, instant messenger , photos sharing platform and much more! With the launch of Slingshot, Facebook has directly revealed that […]

How to use WhatsApp with Two Numbers at the same time on Android

  Whether you have a Single Sim phone or a Dual Sim phone, What’sApp won’t allow registration of two numbers at the same time. Though you can enjoy the benefit of having two numbers for calling but for what’sapp you’ll have to choose one. This was sad because many people use more than one Sim […]

How to Disable Android On Screen Buttons While Gaming?

Android buttons, why you no shut up?

Most of the Android phones have feather touch buttons which are really annoying sometimes, especially when you are playing games. Most games we play are in landscape mode and the chances of getting home button mistakenly touched are high. I’m a gamer and I love playing games on my Android phone but most of the […]

How to Fix Browser Settings Changed By Malware or Other Programs

If you’ve ever tried to install a third party application on your windows computer then I am sure you have already faced this issue. Some applications while installing on our computer also install some tools or change some browser settings with or without permission. If you have faced this issue and are totally confused on […]

How To Reduce Memory Usage In Google Chrome

If you are an avid internet user then let me ask you a question, “What is your favourite browser?” though there are several of options but the one you will hear the most is Google Chrome. Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and it’s not luck which took it there, it was […]

How To Solve Common Android Issues without Consulting a Nerd

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Android is the most used mobile platform in the world, it’s been said that more than 70 percent of smartphones in the world are powered by Android. What makes Android so huge? The answer is simple and can be explained in one word “Freedom”. Yes, Android means freedom. Android does not come with restrictions like […]