[How To] HTC One X+ Tutorial to Unlock Bootloader, Install CWM and TWRP

HTC One X +, has been gaining popularity day by day and developers are constantly working on this. So, we have seen some back to back developments for HTC One X + in the recent days. Recently, unlocking the bootloader algorithm released and after that we saw CWM Recovery following it. Now it is TWRP recovery […]

List of Top Ten Mobile Phones Within the Range of 15000 INR


With the transforming terms of technological specification, a variety of Android phones have been developed by the manufacturers. The latest launches by Samsung, Sony Xperia, Motorolla, HTC and LG are creating sensational craze among the youth community, all around in the world. In the recent release, the mobile phone series is designed with the higher […]

Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part IV)

This is the continuation of our article on the Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012. Other parts can be found at: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Perhaps, this is the last article in this series. But if I get more stuffs to add up, then for sure I will continue with more parts. […]

LG Nexus 4 Vs HTC One X Infographics comparisons

nexus 4 and htc one x

In one corner we have, LG Nexus 4, a smartphone whose sales started this Diwali is incredibly one of the best smartphones available in the market. In the other corner, we have another smartphone launched in February this year and which has already established in the market, HTC One X. Let us see who does […]

HTC Windows Phone 8X – Specs and Review

HTC launched the Windows Phone 8-8X which is supposed to be top model came into the trade. This smartphone has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft and is considered along with the HTC 8S as a reference model, or “Signature Phone” for Windows Phone 8th We looked at the new model in more detail. Design, […]

15 Most Searched Smartphones in India

samsung galaxy s3

Undoubtedly smartphones are a revolutionary introduction to the gadget field and with this evolution of new media, it has become so easy to go through them before actually buying them. Smartphones, as the name says, are phones which can do almost every task ranging from basic phone functions to video calling and browsing to gaming. […]

Top Emerging Tablets Of 2013

This is the list of emerging tablets- which promise to be best for the future and no generation can marr their presence, since these are either the first’s or the top of the lot. Dell Latitude 10, HP ElitePad 900, Archos 101 XS,HTC windows 8, Nokia Windows8, AQUOS Pad SHT21 are the six tablets to watch for.  Dell Latitude 10 […]

HTC ONE X+ for RS 40,190 : Perfect competitor of GALAXY S3

HTC ONE X+ in MArket for RS 40,190

The successor of HTC ONE X smart phone , HTC ONE X+ is here with a price tag of RS.40,190 announced today by HTC India. ONE X+ is in every terms and specs is better than HTC ONE X and is definitely a tough competitor to Samsung Galaxy Legacy. The thing that its predecessor lack was […]