5 Ways To Cool Your Overheating PC

  Machines need cooling to evacuate the high temperature that their parts create throughout utilization. In case you’re building your PC — particularly in case you’re over-clocking it — you cannot ignore but think about how you’ll cool it. High temperature within the system can really harm your machine’s equipment or foster it to get […]

7 Reasons Why to Root Android Device

android rooting

Many people are afraid to root their Android device, the major fear is losing the warranty and a possibility of turning your beloved device into an expensive brick. I agree that the risks exist but if done properly then rooting can prove to be worth the risk. By rooting an Android device you get access […]

5 Reasons Why Not to Root Android Device

why not to root android

Recently I wrote an article explaining reasons why to root android device. In that article I listed some of the top reasons to root android but today I’m going to do something opposite. I agree that rooting have its benefits but it they come with strings attached. With advantages comes disadvantages and we should accept […]

5 Ways to Save Battery while Reading Books on Android

EBooks are the new trend among Bookoholics, with eBooks people can carry their favourite books anywhere and read them whenever they want. The best part is that they don’t want to carry any physical item or extra weight, everything is there in their phone or tablet. Now wherever they go, they have their library with them. Another best part […]

Motorola’s Moto X +1 surfaces online with leaked images and specs!

Motorola, after the successful launch of its three devices and new Android Smartphone series named Moto is again in the talks. This time the render images of the upcoming upgraded version of Motorola Moto X i.e. Moto X +1 have been leaked online with some rumored or confirmed specifications which has made many people fall in love with the device even before […]

What is the difference between Slingshot and Snapchat! Facebook made it worth using

slingshot features

  Facebook Inc. recently launched their new application for smartphones called Slingshot. The app became viral in no time when Facebook added the app on Google Play Store and announced it on their official page. Facebook now owns the world’s most popular Social network, instant messenger , photos sharing platform and much more! With the launch of Slingshot, Facebook has directly revealed that […]

How to use WhatsApp with Two Numbers at the same time on Android

  Whether you have a Single Sim phone or a Dual Sim phone, What’sApp won’t allow registration of two numbers at the same time. Though you can enjoy the benefit of having two numbers for calling but for what’sapp you’ll have to choose one. This was sad because many people use more than one Sim […]