What is Proxy ? 10 Tricks to Access Blocked Sites from Work


What is Proxy ? Before going to know “what is proxy ?” you all are familiar with the term “Internet”. Internet is basically a client-server architecture which uses different protocols like Http, SMTP, FTP to exchange the data over the network. That is user requests for a file/media that he is interested in, and server

Manage Internet Bandwidth Limit With Bandwidth Meter BitMeter

If you are worried about your internet connection bandwidth and think that your ISP is in some way giving you lower bandwidth and download limit than proposed. Then you can try using bandwidth meter software like BitMeter. BitMeter is a free bandwidth meter which allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a

How to Get Rid of YouTube Ads in Chrome and Firefox

get rid of youtube ads firefox chrome

Oh, a new movie trailer! It’s my favorite movie ever, I’m gonna watch it right now! … Damn, these annoying ads. err. It happens with most of us, always. We get excited about a video when we see the link somewhere on the web, but as soon as we click on it and it starts