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iPad Mini Expected Features and Specs

There are rumors running around the web of a minimized version of iPad, a 7 inch iPad mini, set to combat Amazon’s sensation Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. Tech Fanatics seem to be more fascinated about the iPad Mini over much hyped iPhone 5. Expected Price and Release Date iPad Mini is expected

Edit Word Files on your iPad

Word Files on Ipad

iPad’s Stunning resolution and optimum display size makes it ideal for writing and editing. This is a must-have for writers with a busy schedule. Imagine you need to access your Word file to make changes while travelling, iPad is just the tailor fit for this task There are several ways you could do this job.

Top reasons not to buy a tablet

You might feel it weird as my last post was about “Should I buy a tablet?” and here I am writing consecutive next post about “Top reasons not to buy a tablet”. But let me explain this to you, I thought of writing a long article including both reasons to buy and not buy tablets.

Why Should I buy a Tablet?

Markets are flooded with Tablets already as you read this post. From low end to high end, from budget to power house and from Aakash Tablet to iPad everything is present to suite an individual’s requirement. A lot of people ask me which tablet should they buy? How much should they spend on it? What