iOS 5 Notification Center and Lock Screen Info Revisited

It’s not been long since iOS 5 was released and there’s a new version now iOS 5.0.1, which is said to resolve the battery issue and in near time there’s going to be another version of iOS i.e. iOS 5.0.2 which will again address the further battery issues and enhancements to Siri. Well, when we

iPad 2 Features, What’s New and Overview

More than a year after igniting the tablet computing craze, Apple finally unveiled the second version of the much elusive iPad. Yes folks, iPad 2 has been launched. To the much speculation, iPad is faster, better than its previous generation.With whole lot of improvements and new features, iPad 2.0 will certainly take the market completion

How To Share Music Without iTunes Between iPad/iPod and PC – Sharepod

This softwrae need not be installed on each system where you wan’t to share your music since it resides in your ipod itself, i.e. all you need to do is to plug in your device and run sharepod.exe, SharePod reads your iPod database and allows you to extract music files to your hard drive individually or by playlist.

Track any iDevice on iOS 4.2.1 For Free With Find My iPhone

Yesterday arrived the eagerly anticipated iOS  4.2.x, with which came a surprise for iDevice users. You can now use a $99/year service free of cost! – Yes that’s true, Apple is providing a huge service free first time in its history. So as I promised you all in my earlier post – I’ll write a

(How To) Expand iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Memory – FREE


Shocking it may sound, when it comes to tweaking iDevices. Apple had always believed in proprietary – because of which, it does not allow other add-ons to be used with Apple. Same is considered when, you think of applying more memory to your iDevice. The maximum allowed memory in an iDevice is 64Gb. And if