What should we expect from the iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone 5S red color

Let me start the post by giving you an interesting fact. Do you know what the iPhone 4s meant? No? The iPhone 4S actually meant iPhone for Steve! It was a tribute to the legendary Steve Jobs by Apple. So lets come back to the present. Its rumored that the iPhone 5S will be released […]

Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5 – Top 9 Comparisons

Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5

The smart phone market which was revolutionized and ruled by Apple for a good part of the last decade, for the time, has come under pressure, thanks to the fast-developing and advanced technologies that are incorporated by its contemporaries. This is evident in Apple increasing the size of its latest version of the iPhone, iPhone […]

iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4 Infographics Comparison

IPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4 Comparison

The newest smart phone to be sporting the brand name of the Search engine giant, the Google Nexus 4 is certainly impressive both in the price segment and the specifications that it comes loaded with. This phone is manufactured by LG electronics and looks set to capture a part of the smart phone market. Apple recently […]

How to take screenshot in Android Phone & iPhone ?

For capturing computer screenshots which are occasional, pressing Command-Shift-3 or PrintScreen [Windows] is quite normal for every user. But it is a bit difficult for an Android phone and for iPhone. The proper Android configuration will help a person for getting direct screenshots and in whichever situation. To take screenshot in android phone, some may […]

iPhone 5: Why Apple’s New Smartphone is Not a Disappointment


Apple presented the iPhone 5 under broad media interest of the public some days before. The new version of the smartphone offers a large display for the first time and has been improved in almost all areas of hardware. So Apple is happy being the new big hit so successful? Probably not. Instead, Apple developed the iPhone and […]

Alternatives to iPhone 5: The Most Exciting Devices in Market


iPhone 5 is on everyone’s lips, but other manufacturers also have a variety of nice smartphones. We looked around a bit for you and gathered exciting alternatives to Apple’s new device – from both the Android and the Windows Phone world. iPhone 5 alternatives: Wide variety The iPhone 5 is just a fancy piece of technology. The process is […]

5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5

5 iProblems with brands new iPhone 5, What if you get a most desired smart phone after long wait and after paying money for it and then after using if you realize that your most awaited gadget got some serious problems then what will be your reaction! Funny ? Cool? Hate it? Annoying ? Frustrated? […]