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70+ Reasons never to buy an Apple product


For years now Apple products has been a symbol of design superiority, or atleast that’s the way they were marketed. We have seen people sleeping and standing in long queues at Apple stores to buy Apple products immediately after release, even though they are highly priced compared to their counterparts. But here we give more

Top 10 Free Fitness Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Free Fitness Apps for iPhone

Before we get started, I want to tell you that these apps will help you do your workout very effectively as they are very focused and they will not only help you save time but also let you know the amount of calories that you burnt. These apps will also suggest you exercises and nutrition

What is Jailbreak ? Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking


Virtually everyone who has an iPhone , or any other device with iOS , has heard of Jailbreak and if once reached this point you’re still wondering what the Jailbreak , started on the wrong foot. I say this with love, but I firmly believe that any holder of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should at least know what the Jailbreak and what it does . Another thing

Ultimate List Of The Most Weird Gadgets Ever

Here is a list, which i will call the god-list  this god-list contains the most weirdest and the most eccentric, than practical gadgets from around the world. though it might be missing some more weirdness, but it covers all the weird know-how’s which are notorious  Gadgets began their boom in Victorian times, and grew along with the expansion of the Industrial Age. The 20th

iPhone Jailbreak: 11 examples of Why it is Worthwhile


Those who have always wondered that why an iPhone jailbreak would be useful, we have supplied 11 new arguments for them. We will demonstrate 11 tweaks and tools with which you can extend your iPhone to various features and further customization. iPhone Jailbreak: 11 Tweaks and Tools First: Winterboard – custom themes to iOS 5 Without jailbreaking you can do

Best six instagram alternatives

Best six instagram alternatives

It’s still not clear what will happen to instagram. The photo-sharing service, now that it has been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. The social networking giant insists. Instagram will run as an independent, standalone service, but changes are always a possibility. The mere notation of instagram adopting a Facebook-style piracy policy has some wondering