A quest to rule – Is Apple still in smartphone market lead?


Apple has been one of the ruling manufacturers in the whole world for around a decade either it’s an iPhone magic or the oldie iPods. There is no doubt that competition from other manufacturer has risen so high now. Though it is still one of the top smartphone makers but its popularity has not been

What should we expect from the iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone 5S red color

Let me start the post by giving you an interesting fact. Do you know what the iPhone 4s meant? No? The iPhone 4S actually meant iPhone for Steve! It was a tribute to the legendary Steve Jobs by Apple. So lets come back to the present. Its rumored that the iPhone 5S will be released

Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part IV)

This is the continuation of our article on the Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012. Other parts can be found at: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Perhaps, this is the last article in this series. But if I get more stuffs to add up, then for sure I will continue with more parts.

Apple updates iOS to 6.0.1. Fixes bugs and security issues!

iOS 6

This afternoon, Apple has started rolling out minor updates iOS to its mobile operating system. The update applies to all the devices capable of running iOS 6, which was the last major update for iOS. The update is said to contain minor bug fixes and improvements. Here’s the full rundown: Previously, iPhone 5 software had

Top 3 Apps Similar to Talking Tom Cat

Talking tom cat is one of the most famous apps out there in the market for mobile device. As soon as this app was launched, millions of people started liking this just because of the great interface it had. It can be a great time pass for anyone in any age group. This is an

What is Jailbreak ? Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking


Virtually everyone who has an iPhone , or any other device with iOS , has heard of Jailbreak and if once reached this point you’re still wondering what the Jailbreak , started on the wrong foot. I say this with love, but I firmly believe that any holder of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should at least know what the Jailbreak and what it does . Another thing

Ultimate List Of The Most Weird Gadgets Ever

Here is a list, which i will call the god-list  this god-list contains the most weirdest and the most eccentric, than practical gadgets from around the world. though it might be missing some more weirdness, but it covers all the weird know-how’s which are notorious  Gadgets began their boom in Victorian times, and grew along with the expansion of the Industrial Age. The 20th