How to Use Public DNS Server?

In my last post I discussed about what is public DNS, if you haven’t read it you can visit read about it. In this post I will discuss, step-by-step, how to use public DNS server and configure it. I am going to use Windows 7 in which I will use these public DNS.  Same … Read moreHow to Use Public DNS Server?

(How To) Play Multiplayer Games via LAN and WLAN

Hey guys the time has come up where now you can play games with LAN and WLAN. How to play??. Now if you are new to this articles and you do not have any knowledge about connections refer these two tutorials. Build your own network via Wireless LAN Build your own network at home The … Read more(How To) Play Multiplayer Games via LAN and WLAN

Secure your Wireless LAN | Networking Tips

In my previous article i showed you the tricks and techniques to protect your LAN connection. In this article i will show you how to secure your Wireless LAN. As in the previous article LAN security was sub divided into two parts, similarly Wireless LAN security is also divided into two parts. The difference is in the security issues.

How to Secure your LAN Network

In thi short tutorial where you will come to know the basics of LAN security. As far as LAN security is concerned firewalls, anti-viruses play an important role in it. Viruses can affect your pc or your entire network. Hence it is very important to ensure that your connection is secure. Security of LAN is sub-divided in two parts.

Build your Own Network via Wireless LAN

WLAN technology First of all “what is Wireless LAN??“. The answer to it is wireless Local area network. The complete networking here is done with no wires involved. These are basically computers which covers a wider or a broader area. It is helpline where people or users from one organization want to access the computers … Read moreBuild your Own Network via Wireless LAN

Networking via LAN – Build your own Network at Home

Hi I am Prateek Dixit owner of  Thetechnoclub. From this article I am going to show you how to setup a networking via LAN. Basic things required while building up a network are LAN Cable with rj45 connectors Computers between the networking is to be done. RJ45 is basically called as Register Jacket. It is … Read moreNetworking via LAN – Build your own Network at Home