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Why Join TheGeekDaily

In the recent months, I was introduced to Satish Gandham, the founder of and was immediately drawn towards the way he operates his blog and how he treats the numerous writers with utmost respect and importance. I was looking for guest posting opportunities all around, and have found many who have published my articles.

Pictorama -Turn Your Photos Into Money

As the saying goes “A picture is worth thousand words” photos have become part of everything write from wallpaper to magazines photos captures readers eyes and make them read the content, if your an designer or blogger or content writer or Freelance writer you will be madly in need of photos, in this case Google will help you to

How to Sell a Website for Serious Profit

how to sell a website for profit

Selling your website is the most extreme form of monetization achievable; but often times we find ourselves in need of capital and/or free time to dedicate elsewhere. A sale can afford you a bird-in-hand payment of a revenue multiple going months and even years forward. However, because of financial stakes involved it is critically important