Getting started with Windows Phone 8 : A review

Microsoft released its much hyped mobile OS Windows Phone 8 .WP8 was developed under the code name Apollo. Aimed to be the alternative to already very successful Google’s Android and Apple iOS , Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is elegant, personable, and different. By Different we mean its features that it has that were previously unavailable in any Windows […]

Windows 8 versions ; Which one is for You


Microsoft recently announced its latest and much awaited Operating System Windows 8.The new Operating System is a complete overhaul of Windows since DOS and has many never seen before features. With Windows 8 being available in three different versions it would be good if you already knew whats in the package with each Windows 8 version. This […]

Microsoft Launches Windows 8


Microsoft has officially launched its most awaited Operating System Windows 8 in an event held in New York City.Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live started the event by revealing the detail that Windows 7, of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, has sold a whooping over 670 million licenses.Windows 8 is the latest in the series […]

How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders

There are files or folders in your computer that won’t delete. These undeletable files or folders may be a virus. The infected file may stop us from getting it delete. These files or folders ask administrator privileges when we try to delete them and even after giving them administrator privilege, they won’t get delete. I […]

Microsoft Surface RT announced, Pre Booking starts

surface tablet

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the price and specifications of its much awaited tablet, Surface RT. Currently, the pre-orders are only being accepted for the Windows RT tablets.Microsoft team has already launched a site for pre-booking orders.The pre-order page lists only 3 options for Surface – 32GB model, 32GB model with Touch Cover and 64GB model […]

Removing WhiteBackground in PowerPoint 2010

One common mistake committed by several PowerPoint users while designing presentations is inserting pictures with a background that conflicts with the template’s default background transparency. Imagine you have a PowerPoint template with a dark background and you wish to insert a stock image or illustration. Most of them include a white background by default. It […]

How to Shutdown Windows 8 Faster; Add Shutdown Button to Windows 8

shutdown windows 8

Perhaps the easiest task that can be accomplished while using an OS is shutting it down and restarting it. Windows users enjoyed the Start button/Orb in previous versions of Windows up to Windows 8. But with Windows 8 Microsoft has decided to leave Start button and if you are a new user of Windows 8 […]

Creating Professional Videos with PowerPoint

Did you know that PowerPoint allows you to easily create professional videos? It is actually quite simple. The basic blueprint is to  create a presentation with animation and transitions and then save it in video format. You couldn’t expect eye blinding visual effects but it is way better than Windows Movie Maker and might be […]