HTC unveils Windows Phone 8 based handsets Windows Phone 8X and 8S

8X and 8S Launched by HTC

Showing its support to Microsoft, HTC has launched two new Windows Phone 8 based devices Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S. Previously these devices were rumored to be launched as HTC 8X and the HTC 8S. Both the devices were launched at HTC Windows Phone 8 Event in NYC where dignitaries like Peter Chou, […]

New Features in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013, from the family of Office 15 would certainly be a fate sealing factor for Microsoft as the company puts all of it’s hopes on Windows 8 and it’s children. Here are few new features i’ve discovered with my hands on Office 15 Consumer Preview Interface PowerPoint 2013 adopts the Metro User Interface, the […]

How to play Crisis 2 on iPad: All about Cloud Gaming


Crysis2, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City  are all CPU and hardware intensive games that will squeeze even the last drop of juice from your device. So how do you run such heavy and demanding games of a system with minimal hardware specifications say a mobile phone or tablet. The answer lies in Cloud Gaming.Cloud gaming, […]

What is Metro Style UI? – Facts you Never Knew

what is metro style ui

Let me ask you this. When do you think the use of Metro style started by Microsoft? Most of the people will say Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7, but that’s absolutely wrong. Myth 1, busted. Myth 2 – Does Microsoft own the trademark of “Metro” word? Not at all. We’ll talk about that later. […]

How to Upgrade to from Hotmail or


Microsoft recently launched a new Email service, killing the years old Hotmail. Hotmail isn’t dead yet, but we can expect that to happen soon. not only is a new name, but a new look. Microsoft gave it a metro style look like Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other products. The software giant is simply […]

Everything You Need To Know About New Outlook – Formally Hotmail

While everyone think that the “Email service” battle is already over Microsoft has launched a new service lately as it did with mobile OS and tablet PC, the new Email service is called outlook which replaces the already existing popular “Hotmail”. While Gmail has become everyone’s email address the new design and features of outlook tempts everyone to try it once, […]

Microsoft Unveils Office 2013: Download The Consumer Preview Right Now

When Microsoft called for an press conference there was surprise and excitement all over the world as many didn’t have a clue what will be announced by the software giant after the big announcement of Windows tablet. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the consumer preview of the new fifteenth version of  Microsoft Office which is specially optimized for the Windows 8 and touch-based tablets. The […]