Microsoft Windows 8 Will Be Released in the Fall 2012

Microsoft corporate vice president Dan’l Lewin has revealed that the much expected Windows 8 release date will be on early next autumn. Dan’l Lewin handles strategic and emerging business development of Microsoft. This hint suggested by him on the start-up LAUNCH event at the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus. Lewin suggested in his speak in the […]

Forget Software Incompatibility in Document Sharing


Best Online Document Editors Keeping important documents like Resume, Phone Numbers and Date Sheets etc. with you all the time is quite important but don’t you think carrying a pen drive with your all the time is not a very intellect idea. Even if you can carry a pen drive carrying all your docs with […]

How to Increase your Internet Speed by 20%

How to speedup your internet connection

Err! Slow internet. Who likes to see a page loading like a tortoise? I bet NOBODY! Although, if we get a faster internet connection, we’ll wish to have an even faster connection. I cannot give you a new internet connection, but I can surely tell you a trick to speed-up your internet a little. You […]