Top 5 Bluetooth devices For An Ultra-Aural Experience

You don’t have to waste a basket full of greens to enjoy good music or listen to recordings. here is a list for a better experience for you to gloat over after you have spent a decent amount on a very very decent model device whose specialty is bluetooth. these units are mostly equipped with mic, so that you can make your blue act like a phone … Read moreTop 5 Bluetooth devices For An Ultra-Aural Experience

Is The New IPod Touch, The Best Music Player Ever?

In the gadget world, it’s fun to support the brands we fancy or use. But, facts remain facts-don’t they? So have you ever thought of having an unbiased check over one of the most important category of gadgets-Music Players! That is exactly what we attempted to do. The world’s first mass-produced hardware music player was … Read moreIs The New IPod Touch, The Best Music Player Ever?

Best Equalizer Settings for Android to Get EXTREME BASS – Part 2

android best equalizer settings for good sound

In you haven’t checked the first part yet, please read it. I’ve explained what DSP Manager can do and how to install the awesome application in that post. If you have DSP Manager working and read the first part of Android equalizer tutorial, then you should continue reading this post for the best equalizer settings … Read moreBest Equalizer Settings for Android to Get EXTREME BASS – Part 2

Top 10 Music Streaming Sites and Online Radios

Online Radios

Listening to music on internet is a one of the most popular online-entertainment methods. For many, it is the second-most frequent reason for accessing internet; other than surfing or checking mail. There are thousands of websites that provide this service. Music for every language, genre, etc. is available on internet. These services, also know as Online Radio Services or Music Streaming Services, have several advantages over traditional form of listening music by downloading or buying a CD.

How To Download Music Album Art for Phone using Media Player


Album art is nothing but the album cover that you see on your phone in the background when you play a song, almost always it same as that of real physical album covers. Although most of the albums would come with a pre-defined album art if you have purchased them but if have download music … Read moreHow To Download Music Album Art for Phone using Media Player

How To Share Music Without iTunes Between iPad/iPod and PC – Sharepod

This softwrae need not be installed on each system where you wan’t to share your music since it resides in your ipod itself, i.e. all you need to do is to plug in your device and run sharepod.exe, SharePod reads your iPod database and allows you to extract music files to your hard drive individually or by playlist.

MiniLyrics – View Lyrics on Desktop as Song Plays


MiniLyrics by is a plugin that is compatible with almost every media player you can think. All you have to do is to download this plugin and install it and it’ll automatically start whenever you play the music.

The software connects with its huge online database as soon as you play a music file and searches for appropriate lyrics for it.The best part is its way to present the lyrics i.e. the lyrics actually appear floating on the desktop while allowing you to continue your work like browsing net etc.

What is – Features and Quick Review


For all the music lovers you people need not struggle to find the music similar to your taste. Music Recommendation Services are there to help you. Today I am going to discuss on one of my favorite music recommendation service Last.Fm. What is Last.Fm is a social networking website focused on music. It is … Read moreWhat is – Features and Quick Review

Songbird – An Open Music Player

Songbird is an open-source customizable music player & web browser that’s under active development. It’s being developed as open source by a group known as Pioneers of the Inevitable (with members who previously developed for both Winamp and the Yahoo! Music Engine), with a stated mission “to incubate Songbird, the first Web player, to catalyze and … Read moreSongbird – An Open Music Player