Top Sites to Stream TV Shows and Series Online

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We all love to watch TV Shows & Series. TV shows act as an excellent source of entertainment in our busy lives. It is already scientifically proven that watching light-hearted comedy TV shows can help in fighting stress & anxiety. There are multiple ways to download and watch TV Shows on the Internet but not […]

Entertainment Apps of Android Best of 2012 Part Three

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Best Video Chatting Entertainment Apps Skype With Skype you can do the Video Conferencing on your Android Smartphone. Before rolling out for Android, the Skype had already set up its market in the world using the Windows and Mac platforms. Skype offers services like video conferencing free of cost from anywhere to any part of […]

How to play Crisis 2 on iPad: All about Cloud Gaming


Crysis2, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City  are all CPU and hardware intensive games that will squeeze even the last drop of juice from your device. So how do you run such heavy and demanding games of a system with minimal hardware specifications say a mobile phone or tablet. The answer lies in Cloud Gaming.Cloud gaming, […]

Xbox 360 Kinect: Future Entertainment in Present!


Gamers have you experienced Kinect yet? A head spinning technology brought to reality by Microsoft! Well if you haven’t, here’s your chance to experience the virtual world of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. In this post, I’ll cover an over-view of how far can Kinect take you and what are its potentials. You are the controller. […]