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How Strong Is The Oppo R5? This Video Shows Us.

Oppo R5 Smash Test

Oppo is widely known for offering premium smartphones that offer great specs at not so great prices with exciting and many times, new features that have never been seen before in the market till now. One such device is the Oppo R5 that until a few days back held the title for being the slimmest

Oppo R5: World’s Thinnest Phone

Oppo R5: World’s Thinnest Phone

After a huge success of Oppo N1 because of its Revolutionary Rotating Camera, the company is back with its new smartphone. Today, at an event in Singapore, Oppo unveiled its extraordinarily thin smartphone Oppo R5. The phone is 4.85 millimeters in thickness and with a tag of being the World’s Thinnest Phone, it catches everyone’s