What is e-Bomb? How it Works? Let’s Play with e-Bomb

Cracking computer tricks is really an interesting part of learning. If you are not familiar with the term “e-bomb” then this article must help you to learn about these interesting tricks of DOS Batch commands. What is e-Bombing and how it works? The concept of “e-bomb” is very simple, it is some kind of program

How to Get Free Licence of Bitdefender Total Security 2010


Free Premium 3 month Protection for Facebook Users We have discussed already how important it is to have a good antivirus program for protecting your computer against worms and viruses that seem to roam in cyberspace like stray dogs. BitDefender is a premium antivirus brand and is known world over, they have come up with this

How to Remove Google Redirect Virus, Adware, Malware from Computer


Complete Tutorial to Remove Google Redirect Virus Google redirect virus is one of the latest viruses that have attacked the cyberspace. Although sharing many similarities with predominant adware, it affects not the PC interface but your web browser. Google Redirect Virus cannot be removed by simply changing the web browser to any other good internet

Best Free Anti-Keylogger Software – KeyScrambler Download

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel, giving keyloggers “scrambled,” meaningless keys to record.

  • Defeats known and unknown keyloggers without needing constant signature updates.
  • Is compatible with other security programs and tokens and smart cards.

How to Secure Linux/Ubuntu? – Security Tips

Although linux-based operating systems are considerably safer when compared to Windows and Mac OSX, there are still steps that you can take to ensure that your linux box stays safe and protected. In this post I will illustrate a few techniques you can use to keep your machine locked down tight.

Linux and Antivirus

linux and antivirus

New Linux users must have noticed this. There are antivirus available in the repos. You might question, “But wasn’t I promised that linux is virus free? That was an important reason for me to switch from Windows to Linux.” Well, the hard truth is Linux does have its own category of viruses. But, the part