photo and hard disk recovery

Memory card is a widely used storage device in digital cameras with some assigned format such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW etc. Photos are stored in various formats depending on the device and manufacturer for better image quality and image compression to reduce the storage space. Your memory card is having FAT file system due […]

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We all love pictures, the colorful sheets of memories that remind us of our most enjoyable moments and often send us nostalgic. With the invention of the digital cameras capturing these memories at any time anywhere became very easy. Photo sharing sites like Flickr and Facebook have helped us to share them with our family and friends and perhaps these have also dominated this sphere of web. In this post i am gonna discuss some alternates to these dominating photo sharing web services.

So in this blog post i haven’t included Flickr , Photobucket and Facebook as they are already very famous for there services.

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Till today I never used a broadband connection other than the one they provide at my college. At college we are behind a proxy server, so we are not in direct connection with the computers outside our college. Today I happened to use BSNL dataone broadband internet connection at my uncle’s place, and I casually […]

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